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      y love for weaving on a lap loom is a recent discovery, but my passion for textiles, nature, color, pattern and art have been defining points of my personaility for years. I graduated from the University of WI-Eau Claire with a BFA in 2004, with an emphasis in printmaking. It wasn't until my twin sister started showing me these amazing fiber wall hangings she had been finding on design blogs that I ever even considered trying weaving. My day job is a design associate for a modern home furnishings company. I spend most of my days working with color, pattern, scale and texture, and I am constantly inspired by that work in my weavings.


Wall hangings are such a great opportunity to add vibrancy, unique color, pattern, movement, the element of the unexpected, and scale to a home. They can belong in many types of spaces, and are such a lovely way to interpret the inherent beauty of natural fibers. Also, it is such a fundamental study in the relationship between color, texture, and the patterns that pull them together.


Mandi Smethells

St. Paul, MN




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